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You’ve reached this page due to the fact the page you wanted to go to no longer exists. The page you wanted was a sponsored post and was disclosed as such at the time it was written.

Many of the advertisers want the pages removed due to Google’s new rules. Instead of handling them all one by one, I went ahead and deleted then redirected all of them.

How reliant am I on Google

On Reddit, a user recently posted a simple question: If Google were to shut down what would we do? I thought about it for a moment and upvoted the question. I have no idea how it will do, but it did get me thinking.

How reliant am I on Google?

My relationship with Google is a long one. I was one of the first people to use the adsense program, one of the first to use Gmail and definitely one of the first to pay them for a service. Along the way I’ve come to appreciate how awesome they are and also loathe how they operate.

How reliant am I on Google photoGoogle isn’t known for their customer service nor do they really do a good job explaining their actions. This leads to a ton of issues such as locked out accounts, missing data, etc. Still, they are my go to provider online.

Keeping your data safe in the cloud

I am a big proponent of cloud functionality. The ability to keep your documents and files in the cloud and access them from everywhere is extremely appealing. One of the concerns is ongoing security, though.

On a daily basis I use the cloud to:

  1. Store my latest book
  2. Backup all my files
  3. Keep all my photos
  4. Email
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Each one of these is protected by its own process, but I really rely on Google’s Two Step Authentication for most of them.

Why is Windows XP still popular

Windows XP, first released in 2001, is the number one operating system still in use. Amazing. 11 years have passed and two more iterations of the Windows operating system have been released, Vista and Windows 7, yet many people still us Windows XP.

Why do people still use Windows XP

There are a number of reasons including:

Corporations – For a large company to move from one platform to another takes a considerable effort. Standards are important, which means that all current applications have to be tested and new disk images created for administration. Speaking of administration, they have to ensure the current policies in place work on the new operating system.